One Design. One Timeless Collection.

Made differently, from the highest grade materials and crafted with scrupulous attention to detail.


We believe interaction with an object is totally different when it's designed and crafted with zero compromises and scrupulous attention to detail. Unlike traditional jewelry companies, which often introduce multiple collections per year, our sole focus is on one perfect design - a collection both modern and timeless.

Uniquely carved solid blocks

Squaremade™ takes an atypical approach to manufacturing. Unlike traditional ring production we begin our work with a solid block to preserve inner grain structure while showcasing the unique qualities of each metal.

To assure the purity of our materials we use only the highest-grade metals sourced from all over the world.¹

MetalMuseum™. A Timeless Indulgence.
Learn, Compare and Contrast.

It's truly an experience to work with a wide range of materials to create identical objects that feel totally different. The color, texture, weight and the way the material reacts makes each ring feel truly unique.

  • 5J
  • 6L
  • 7N
  • 8P
  • 9R
  • 10T
  • 11V
  • 12Y
  • 13Z

Available in nine simple sizes

His. Hers. Theirs – Our rings are completely unisex.

Designing a true piece of art means it has to be unequivocally universal and timeless.

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One focus - to master all aspects from tactile experience and surface finish to a scrupulous attention to the metallurgy processes to ensure purity and integrity. Each ring is assigned a serial number and a lifetime warranty.² Squaremade is a perpetual and universal collection designed to stand the test of time.

  • Crafted in Canada
  • Comfort fit
  • Serial number
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Unisex

Proudly Made in Canada

Based in Toronto, Ontario, each ring is designed, built and tested with the love and passion from our team.

made in CANADA fabriqueau CANADA

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is it called Squaremade™, how are the rings different?
Squaremade means it’s made differently. The interaction with an object feels totally different when it's designed and crafted with zero compromises and scrupulous attention to detail.

A total of 96% of material is removed from a solid block of metal to form each ring. Unlike traditional forming processes, this allows a much higher degree of quality and precise control of all variables like shape, texture, and structural integrity of the ring. There are zero joins, zero weldings, zero weak points.

We take tactile experience and surface finish very seriously and truly believe in preserving the essence of the material untouched. A process of 9 production schedules and inspections ensures only perfect rings receive a lifetime warranty, a serial number, and the Squaremade’s seal of authenticity.
What does a perpetual collection mean and why one design?
A perpetual collection means it will never change, not next year, not 30 years from now. It was very important to design a collection that was timeless, comfortable, and truly universal.

We spend a great deal of time refining every curve, texture, corner, and details that make each ring feel different.

Focusing on a single design allows us to fully master it.
What is the best metal? Which one to pick?
It's truly an experience to collect and contrast the different metals. The color, texture, weight, and the way the material reacts makes each ring feel unique.

None of the materials from the collection are better or worse, they are just different. Each element has a different feel to it, that is why we go great lengths to source the purest raw materials.
How should I care for my rings?
The collection is about experiencing the different materials. It is always raw and never coated. Metals react differently with time and to the elements, some metals will change color or develop a patina while others will remain identical for years to come. It’s part of the beauty of the collection.

To keep your rings in shape, clean it to remove any skin oils or lotions that it might accumulate with time. An aluminum oxide polishing cloth is also included in each shipment - use this cloth to further polish or restore the rings.
Is the packaging ready for gifts?
At Squaremade we take gifting to the next level with all orders - from the packaging to the very texture of everything you receive is of the highest quality and designed to create a long-lasting impression. To further the experience, the whole package is wrapped in a 100% cotton bag and custom squaremade packaging. This is standard with all orders so there is no need to notify us in advance.

Many customers choose to ship directly to friends and family all over the world taking advantage of the free shipping option; just choose their address on the checkout page.

You can also reach us at if you wish to customize a letter or any of the items.
What is the ring width?
The width of the ring depends on the ring size you pick. It goes from 4.7 mm on the size 6 to 6.3 mm on the size 12. All widths are proportional to the size of the ring. We have studied sizes very carefully and recalculated all the proportions and radii to ensure that no matter the size of the finger it all perfectly aligns to create a simple object that looks like a piece of art.
What if my ring doesn't fit me?
Our goal is to remove the pressure of ordering online; you may return or exchange any ring within 10 days of delivery. Returned items must be in their original, unworn condition and package to be accepted. If you would like to initiate a return or exchange it’s important that you first send us an email at
What countries do you offer free shipping?
We ship for free to all countries. No matter how far or remote you are, we mean it. This is part of making Squaremade a truly international and universal collection.

The Art of Gifting

From the packaging to the texture of everything you receive is designed to create an experience.³

A message from our co-founders,
Jose & Cris

Squaremade is not a conventional jewelry company, nor do we strive to become one. We founded Squaremade because traditional jewelry didn’t feel true to us. With an obsession for sourcing the purest materials from all over the world and affinity for the art of minimalist design. Behind a simple design there are always hidden perspectives and radiuses that all perfectly align to create a simple object look like a piece of art. It is a truly humbling experience and an absolute pleasure to be able to work with the best materials and the best team to build a ring that will become uniquely yours.

Superlative Manufacturing

Every Squaremade™ ring passes through nine manufacturing steps and just as many hands, all guided by our dedication to relentless craftmanship.

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